About Us

Hollander Development Corporation is a leader in the development of affordable, high-quality apartment communities for families and seniors throughout Michigan. Since the creation of our company in 1979, we have successfully developed over 3,000 units of affordable housing and have gained expertise in creative financing strategies using low-income housing tax credits, conventional financing, government programs, and private dollars. We are highly skilled in forcasting property operating results and develop apartment communities which can be managed effectively over the long term.
Local Partnerships
We approach housing development as a collaborative process. We recognize the importance of involving local interest groups and often work with non-profit organizations and city housing commissions to create new housing developments which are responsive to community needs.
Design Quality and Sustainability

We take pride in creating apartment communities with architectural distinction and a focus on sustainability. We work closely with the project design team to create housing developments with curb appeal, comfortable and efficient floor plans, desirable resident amenities, site plans which are sensitive to the surrounding neighborhood, and low environmental impact. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and our portfolio includes multiple LEED certifications.

"Nelson Place offers amenities which are not found in any other senior housing facility in Muskegon. The apartments are comfortable and thoughtfully designed for senior living. The common areas, sited throughout the building, provide for a variety of interests in a way that promotes social interaction among the residents. We are pleased to have Nelson Place as a partner in improving the quality of life in Muskegon's oldest neighborhood."

Mary Jo McCann, President
Nelson Neighborhood Improvement Association
We are committed to expanding affordable housing opportunities in Michigan for households with low and moderate incomes. Our developments offer affordable rents which give working families the chance to save up for life dreams such as higher education and home ownership. Senior citizens are given the opportunity to live in an environment which fosters independence, dignity, and social interaction.
Community Development

Our careful planning and attention to detail throughout the development process results in properties that enhance the community. Our properties offer attractive housing options to employers who are moving into or expanding within a locality and are looking for affordable housing for their employees. In many cases, our properties help to upgrade the local housing stock and encourage neighborhood revitalization activities.

"...The City of Ionia worked with Mr. Hollander in locating Valley View Apartments in the community. They have taken a keen interest in the community, assisting with special events such as Fourth of July fireworks, recreation, etc. They opened their swimming pool for summer swim programs and contributed a number of mature trees to the city parks for landscaping..."

Tom Wieczorek, former City Manager
Ionia, Michigan